Is Boston Dynamics’ parkour performing robot fitter than you?

Don’t expect an easy getaway if you are chased by Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot Atlas. The five-foot robots are learning parkour or free-running over obstacles. The US company showcased Atlas’…

Paris to Berlin in an hour. Is this how rail travel will look?

Picture this: the year is 2045. You’re standing on a platform in Berlin awaiting a sleek Hyperloop pod that will glide into the station to a noiseless halt and then…

Moscow metro riders will be able to use just their face to pay fares

The Moscow metro system is introducing a new contactless payment system using facial recognition software despite concerns from privacy and security advocates about the technology. The Russian capital\’s underground rail…

NASA has just raised the odds of this meteor striking Earth

After what’s been a challenging couple of years for many on planet Earth, NASA announcing that they’re raising the odds of an Asteroid crashing into us is probably not going…

Could your antiperspirant deodorant cause breast cancer?

The decades-old debate over whether antiperspirant deodorants can lead to breast cancer has been reignited in the scientific community with the publication of two new studies. The focus has been…

Hoax press release drives up Litecoin price… for a few minutes

US supermarket giant Walmart has said it is investigating a fake press release announcing a partnership with the cryptocurrency Litecoin which led to an almost 30 per cent spike in…

Bitcoin has already used more energy this year than during all of 2020

Bitcoin has already used more power so far this year than it did in all of 2020, a new study has suggested, as the debate on the impact of cryptocurrency…

Thousands protest against El Salvador\’s president and Bitcoin law

Protests against El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele saw thousands gather in the streets of its capital on Wednesday. Opponents of the 40-year-old populist, who was elected in 2019, say he…

Hungary unveils statue of Bitcoin’s anonymous founder

A bronze statue paying homage to the anonymous creator of Bitcoin has been unveiled in Hungary. The statue’s creators say it is the first in the world to honour the…

US probes possible insider trading at crypto exchange Binance

US officials are examining possible insider trading and market manipulation at Binance, Bloomberg News reported on Friday, potentially adding more heat to the cryptocurrency exchange that has become a target…

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