Humans have been relatively short for thousands of years

A man measures a woman’s height Image Point Fr/Shutterstock For most of our history, humans have been short, a study has found. Until around 150 years ago, few people grew…

Plastic food packaging gets a bad rap, but does it always deserve it?

DigiPub/Getty Images Social media can be a powerful force for positive change, especially when it comes to environmental issues. A seemingly perfect example is the drive to stem the tide…

Smartphone app can detect hidden camera lenses from reflections

A smartphone with a triple camera system SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images Surveillance cameras can keep us safe or invade our privacy, and improvements in miniaturisation mean they can now…

Why has the UK been so slow to vaccinate children against covid-19?

Children at a school in Cardiff, UK, in September Matthew Horwood/Getty Images For the first few months of this year, the UK led most other nations in vaccinating as many…

Ancient Egyptian elites used a thick beer porridge in their ceremonies

Reconstruction of beer cups and jars from early Egypt Dr. Renee The elite members of early Egyptian society – before the emergence of the pharaohs – probably drank beer, which…

Covid-19 news: Range of vaccines show promise as booster shots

A nurse administers a booster vaccine in Cwmbran, Wales Huw Fairclough/Getty Images Latest coronavirus news as of 1pm on 3 December Three different vaccines lead to big increases in antibody…

Fake covid-19 vaccine certificates are being sold on the dark web

An EU Digital Covid Certificate displayed on a mobile phone PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images Digital covid-19 vaccination certificates for use in the US and the European Union are available…

Multigenerational households a factor in covid-19 ethnic disparities

Vaccinations taking place at Derby’s Pakistani Community Centre in April, 2021 Nathan Stirk/Getty Images People of Bangladeshi and Pakistani heritage in the UK were more likely to become infected with…

World\’s most common bee originated 7 million years ago in Asia

Honey bee workers (Apis mellifera) Kim Taylor / Genomic analysis has revealed that the western honeybee – which lives across Europe, Africa and Asia – first evolved in western…

Night-shift workers who eat only in the day may cut diabetes risk

A night-shift worker using a metal cutter on a subway line in Ankara, Turkey Mustafa Kamaci/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images People who work night shifts may be able to avoid the resulting…

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