Blockchain systems are tracking food safety andorigins

When a Chinese consumer buys a package labeled “Australian beef,” there’s only a 50-50 chance the meat inside is, in fact, Australian beef. It could just as easily contain rat,…

Is blockchain all hype? A financier and supply chain expertdiscuss

This is an article from Head to Head, a series in which academics from different disciplines chew over current debates. Let us know what else you’d like covered – all…

Chinese internet users turn to the blockchain to fight against government censorship

Thanks to blockchain, internet users have achieved some victories in the fight against China’s strict internet censorship. A historic moment was made on April 23. Peking University‘s former student, Yue…

Four ways blockchain could make the internet safer, fairer and morecreative

The internet is unique in that it has no central control, administration or authority. It has given everyone with access to it a platform to express their views and exchange…

A national digital currency has serious privacy implications

The widespread use of cryptocurrency as an alternative method of payment has led to a growing digital ecosystem over the years. Governments are behind the curve, continuing to wrestle with…

How blockchain could help the world meet the UN’s global goals in highereducation

Improving quality of life for people globally means investing in education. By 2025, more than 100 million learners are estimated to be capable of higher education but won’t have access…

Bitcoin: China’s crackdown isn’t enough – only a global effort can stop crypto’s monstrous energydemand

Huge concrete data centres, permanently plugged into power plants and telephone exchanges, maintain much of online life. But the infrastructure behind internet-based cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, dogecoin and ethereum is…

Bitcoin alternatives could provide a green solution to energy-guzzling cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency bitcoin now uses up more electricity a year than the whole of Argentina, according to recent estimates from the University of Cambridge. That’s because the creation of a…

Facebook often removes evidence of atrocities in countries like Syria and Myanmar – but we can preserveit

Nearly half of the world’s population owns a smartphone. For those living in conflict zones or suffering human rights violations, these devices are crucial. They help ordinary people record and…

Ethereum: the transformation that could see it overtakebitcoin

The world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency, ether, has been touching all-time highs in price ahead of a major upgrade of its underlying platform, ethereum. Ether is currently worth in aggregate…

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